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I love greeting cards! I have always enjoyed finding just the perfect card for the right occasion, so I was very excited to start printing my work in a way that can reach so many people and hopefully make their day a little brighter. I worked on several different styles that reflect my different moods and viewpoints, and well as different aspects of my own personality.


To see more designs in each line, or to buy them online, please visit my online store ( <----- it's over there)!


Color Visuals cards

These designs were inspired by my love of color and line. I adore strong color, and the feeling of space and movement, which I tried to capture in these images. All these cards are blank inside for a personal message.

Cartoon Visuals cards

These cartoons came from my observations of human nature and the situations we either get ourselves in or find ourselves in, although it's definitely arguable that whatever we're in, we got ourselves there. It's fun to play with the images to get the idea across! Most are blank inside, unless otherwise indicated.

Sprout cards

He just seemed to deserve his own line! Even though he's new around here, he does have a lot to say and a distinct ability to make people smile. You will certainly see more of him to come.

Last Updated (Sunday, 21 March 2010 20:10)